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For further information, or feedback, please contact us at the address below, or via email to our dedicated Community Liaison Officer.

Muharraq STP Company BSC (c)
Building 200, Road 13,
Block 115, Hidd
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel +973 1756 0540
Fax:+973 1756 0519
E-mail: community@muharraqstp.com

TOLL FREE NUMBER: +97380098888

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  • We Are Commited To The People of Bahrain

    We believe that people should always come first. And we are dedicated to help and make living conditions better.

  • We Believe in Development

    A progressive life is everyones dream... we are here to support you realize that.

  • We Protect the Environment

    By completing this project, we ensure that clean water is released back into the environment.

  • We Ensure a Beautiful Tomorrow

    We think of the next generation as well. And we will try our best so they can experience a clean world.

  • We Are Your Insurance

    With the increase of population comes the increase of water usage. We are here to make sure you have plenty.

We are commited to you and the environment !

The Muharraq STP BSC (c) Company ("the MSC")has been awarded a concession by the Ministry of Works to construct, operate and maintain a sewage collection and treatment system for Hidd and Muharraq.

This website is for you.

This site has been created to provide you with information on the new Deep Gravity Sewer and Sewage Treatment Plant which is being constructed to serve the people of Muharraq and Hidd.

Within these pages you will find information about the project, the schedule we are working to and advice on lane closures due to our works.

We have also included some photos of the project and links to our Client and the main contractors involved in the project.

We hope you find it useful.

If you would like further information, please contact our community liaison contact person through our contact form.