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Muharraq STP Company BSC (c)
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Block 115, Hidd
Kingdom of Bahrain

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Useful Links

The following links will provide you with further information about the main organizations involved with this project. If you have a link you feel would help the public's understanding of this project, please contact our Community Liaison Officer at the email address below.


Ministry of Works

The Muharraq STP project is one of the major upgrade projects being managed by the Ministry of Works.


Samsung Engineering

The website of the primary construction contractor, Samsung Engineering have designed, constructed and operate many high technology waster water plants across Korea and in the Middle East



Implenia from Switzerland are the subcontractor who will carry out the micro-tunneling operations. They are one of the worlds most experienced construction and tunneling contractors, with vast experience gained across Europe and the Middle East


Hyder Consulting

Hyder Consulting is a multi-national advisory and design consultancy and have been in business for over 150 years.


GPZ Overseas Ltd

GPZ Overseas, based in Manama, Bahrain have over 50 years experience in quality construction, and have been responsible for many of Bahrain's iconic structures